Bahraich celebrates all the festivals which is celebrated in india and especially in the state of uttar pradesh such as Christmas,Karva Chauth ,Eid ,Holi ,Muharram, Ganesh Chaturthi ,Ramzan, etc. However ,there are fairs and festivalswhich are widely celebrated in Bahraich than any other regions in the country.

Saryu is a holy river to Hindus and this river is formed at the union ot the rivers Ghaghra and Sharda in Bahraich. Sarayu has mentions in the ancient Vedas and puranas and Ayodhya , the land of Lord Rama is situated on the banks of Sarayu, and hence thousand of devotees take holy dip in the river on the auspicious of Ram Navami,which is the birthday of Lord Rama.

In the Mausoleum of Salar Masud , which is an architectural wonder,a large fair is conducted in the months of May and June which is attended by thousands of people mainly from across Uttar Pradesh and neighboring states.The place of greate religious importance of Muslims .

There is no festival.