Bahraich District is one of the districts of the Uttar Pradesh state of India situated in North eastern part of Devipatan Division..

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  • Area : 4696.8 Sq. Km.
  • Population: 1,86,223
  • Language: Hindi & Urdu
  • Villages: 1395
  • Male: 1,843,884
  • Female: 1,643,847
In this image DM bahraich is seated on the chair
Shambhu Kumar, I.A.S. Collector & District Magistrate

Photo Gallery

  • This is the image of Sangharini Mandir Of Bahraich Sangharini Mandir
  • This is the image of Mari mata mandir of Bahraich Mari Mata mandir
  • This is the image of Katarnia Ghat wild life image Katarnia Ghat
  • This is the image of Animals in Katarnia ghat Katarnia ghat Animals
  • This is the Katarnia ghat river end view image Katarnia ghat
  • This is the image of Police line Helipad Helipad at Police Line
  • This is the image of Gullabir mandir is tha most visited tempal in bahraich Gullabir mandir
  • Dargah Shareef of Bahraich Dargah View
  • This is the image of Vikas bhawan meeting hall Meetings