District Statistical Information

District Statistical Magazine is being published yearly from 1976 every year. The information contained herein has been scrapped, enhanced and amended from time to time as required. Currently, information about various aspects of the social and economic sector is published. In Table 1, the base figures of the district, the important social and economic indicators of the district in Table 2 (A) and (B), the growth of major items in Table 3 (A) and the indicators in Table 3 (B) Are published in order. Table 4 to 62 in area and population, agriculture, agriculture count, livestock count, animal husbandry and fisheries, cooperatives, industry, general education, public health and family welfare, electricity, transport and communication, institutional finance, water supply, rural and urban retail prices And other diverse topics are published. In addition, the status of availability of various facilities in the cities of the district is published in Table 63 (A) in Nagarvar information related to the census and 63 (B). On the basis of the prescribed form of the division in Table-64, on the basis of the survey, the distance of the facilities from the villages of various 41 items is shown on the basis of the survey of village wise base data every year. In Table-65, there is a provision for publishing the number of newspapers and magazines and books published in different languages ​​in the Rest Houses and Table-66 in the newspapers and in Table-67. The publication of the Board of Statistics is being published annually from the year 1981. Out of the tables being published in the district statistical journal, all the 65 tables except the two tables (based on rural and urban retail prices) have been included in the Board of Statistics. The level of information is different in the publication of District and Circle Statistical Magazine. District wise and district wise information of 3 year period is published in district statistical data, whereas in the district statistical journal, various thematic tables are prepared from the headquarters of the Divisional Statistical Magazine, mainly considering district wise information published in the district statistical journal.

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